I’m writing this post on my birthday, and I’m having a great day.  I’m doing a little bit of work at home, with the windows open and the cat on the couch nearby.  Well-wishers have been popping into my consciousness all day via FaceBook, phone calls, e-mail, and text messages.  My partner is taking me out for a special dinner tonight (he insists all this dining out is not chronic-illness-friendly, but I’ll make it work!).  I scored an emerald-green sweater I’ve been wanting for weeks – on sale – and the last one in my size!  Best of all, I decided that I’m wearing sequins all day because hey, it’s my birthday!


If you’re not into your birthday, I understand.  But I’m like a small child in my delight around my birthday, and my friends know how it is with me, and honor it.  It’s great to have people telling you you’re wonderful, fabulous, and deserving of health and happiness all day long.  Who needs gifts with that kind of input?  It’s really buoyed my mood.  And what if every day was like this?


I love the symbolism of my birthday as well.  It’s a new year, sure, in an old body, but it’s also a great time to recommit to your own personal wellness goals.  This morning, after I went to the gym and ate a low-glycemic breakfast, I saw my dietician, who validated my efforts with some solid numbers and explanations.  I took a long walk from there down to the store where I landed the green sweater.  This being Los Angeles, of course it’s “sunny and 72,” and I felt good.  I felt strong, healthy, happy, purposeful, and supported in my efforts to be the best I can possibly be in this 49-year old body that yes, happens to be plagued by chronic illness.  I am reminded that every day is a birthday of sorts, and an opportunity to recommit to doing my best.


Even if today isn’t your birthday (and happy birthday if it is, from one birthday princess to another!), I encourage you to think of each day as a birth day of sorts.  It’s a chance to start over.  You don’t have to wait for Monday, or July 1st, or until the walking shoes you need go on sale.  Do something.  Anything.  Make it count.  Share it with the world.  Get it validated.  Keep it going.  Play!  Wear some sequins, so you can bask in your own reflected glory.  And when the evil voices pop into your head (the ones that say you’re no good, you’re too fat, this chronic illness is gonna’ get you anyway), replay the messages that came in on your birthday, and think about how true they are the other 364 days of the year.


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