We spend a third of our lives asleep, and yet so many of us pay very little attention to the room (and furniture) we spend this time in!  A comfortable and supportive mattress and pillow goes a long way.  If you have the money, a great bed is a wise investment in your overall health.  Make sure your bedroom can be made nice and dark, and if you’re a clock watcher, then make sure you can’t see the clock from your pillow. I’ve previously discussed the importance (in Sleep Tip #8) of keeping your TV and computer(s) out of the bedroom and using the bed (or entire bedroom ideally) for only sleeping and sex.  Finally, make sure the temperature feels comfortable or you, but err on the side of cooler versus warmer, as experts find that cooler bedrooms tend to help people sleep better.  With just a little work, your bedroom can be transformed from a multi-function all-purpose room into a pleasure palace of great sleep!