13 Jun

Dating with PCOS: How to NOT Freak Out

By Dr. Gretchen KubackyPCOS

If you’re new to dating, the whole thing can be kind of strange and terrifying. If you’ve been at it a while, you may be feeling less optimistic, a little jaded, or even have experienced some deep hurt in the process. One of the most daunting things facing women with PCOS is how to handle

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04 Jan

PCOS and the Spoons

By Dr. Gretchen KubackyChronic Illness, PCOS

Are you familiar with “spoon theory?” If not, you absolutely want to do yourself a favor and read this article. Go ahead, I’ll be here. Back? Okay, good! Spoon theory was written by a woman with lupus, Christine Miserandano, to describe what it’s like to live with a chronic disease. She imagined a person’s level

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