24 Sep

Menopause: The Magical Mystery Tour

By Dr. Gretchen KubackyMenopause/Peri-Menopause

I received a phone call from a well-meaning nurse practitioner in my gynecologist’s office a few months ago. She pertly announced “your labs are in and you have no estrogen…that means….(gobbldey-gook-blur-mind-spinning-not-listening-blah-blah-as-I-try-to-absorb-this-very-blah-blah-unexpected-information).” Say what?! While she was trying to give me the 30-second version of why I should really consider Hormone Replacement Therapy (“HRT,” a very

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01 May

Active Relaxation

By Dr. Gretchen KubackyNutrition & Mental Health, Thriving

The term “active relaxation” probably sounds like an oxymoron – you’re thinking, “but isn’t relaxation supposed to be about doing nothing?” or, “If I’m being active, then I’m not relaxing – right!?”  But active relaxation is a concept, a choice, and a practice that leads to stress relief in a way that lounging in front

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