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PCOS Wellness was created by health psychologist and PCOS patient, Gretchen Kubacky, Psy.D. Dubbed “The PCOS Psychologist”, Dr. Gretchen has become a prominent expert in an area of Women’s Health that requires such an integrative approach to wellness. Dr. Gretchen understands that often the missing piece in a PCOS patient’s health and wellness plan is the emotional and mental component.

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An effective treatment program addresses not just your brain, but all elements of your lifestyle and being. In order to overcome your symptoms, it is important to help you understand your symptoms, the reasons for them, and how you developed them. I don’t see you as a diagnosis, but rather as a person who has a certain set of symptoms that we may call “depression” or “anxiety.”

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Grief & Loss

Do you feel like you’re completely overwhelmed by grief, sadness, and loss? Do you wonder if you’ll ever be able to stop crying? Have you tried other therapists who either didn’t understand your grief, or dismissed it as “just normal sadness?” Do you worry that things will never be the same again? Do you avoid connecting with other people, because you’re worried that you’ll lose them too? Grief comes in many forms: death, loss of a job or health, or the end of a relationship.

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Schedule motivational speaking engagements for your group, corporation, alma mater, professional association, conference, temple, church, etc. Request a psycho-educational presentation for your doctor/hospital meetings, CEU trainings, graduate school classes or professional associations. Arrange for phone, radio, or television interviews and more!

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Dr. Gretchen is available as a featured speaker, panelist, or moderator in the areas of chronic illness, bereavement, and women’s health.

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A Message from Dr. Gretchen Kubacky

Dr. Gretchen Kubacky Hello! I’m Dr. Gretchen Kubacky.  I’m a health psychologist, bereavement specialist, and motivator par excellence.  I’ve got over a decade’s worth of experience helping people move out of the deepest pain, depression, and anxiety, and into a healthier, happier life. I know what it’s like to be deeply saddened and confused – even paralyzed – by the most terrible and unimaginable losses and life experiences.   I will help you get to a place where you are able to say you are thriving, have grown from your pain,  and have discovered a renewed sense of joy and purpose in life. Contact me today at (310) 625-6083, or by filling out this form to send an e-mail so we can get started on your healing. To your health!
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Testimonials / About Dr. Gretchen

  • Dr. Gretchen is one of the most amazing women I have had the pleasure to get to know. She is someone who takes confidentiality to the highest level, providing a safe environment, allowing what is important to be important. She has such a talent for bringing confidence and knowledge to my life, allowing me, to feel more sane and "normal." She is the hidden gem you have been looking for: loving, kind, thoughtful and fully available to your needs and attention. She is a true, true professional in every way and I would, without hesitation, not only recommend her but have recommended her to friends and family because I feel she would take excellent time and care with them.
    Elizabeth Kehir, Professional Hypnotherapist
  • This was the best Brown Bag presentation I have ever attended. Dr. Kubacky was fantastic! Very informative, very interesting, very stimulating - thank you for this presentation.
    Presentation Attendee, Licensed Psychologist
  • I met Gretchen at a professional conference last year and she has since joined our inCYST network of providers for polycystic ovary syndrome. She loves what she does, and it shines through, from her thorough knowledge of her specialty to her enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge and experience with others. I recently received an email from a customer who shared that she'd started her own career path and wanted it to follow the education, counseling, and outreach trail that Gretchen has blazed. That inspiration says it all.
    Monika Woolsey, MS, RD
  • Gretchen is a talented therapist with great clinical acumen, dedicated to her patients, and passionate about providing integrated, excellent clinical care.
    Lisa C. Moore, MD, Colleague
  • Gretchen is a gifted health psychologist who specializes in working with those struggling with chronic health issues, as well as women with PCOS. Her sensitivity, professionalism, and compassion combine to make her an effective and empathetic resource for both clients and other professionals. I highly recommend Gretchen.    
    Angie Best-Boss, RN, Business Partner